Xcalibration is a specialist in calibration services with a focus on the highly specialised needs of the torque control industry

Programmed Maintenance & Calibration

Regular programmed maintenance of tools ensures their accuracy and prevents unnecessary downtime due to equipment failures.


We have the expertise and spare parts to offer repairs to your torque tools together with a report to identify the cause of the failure.

Sales of New Tools

Quality torque wrenches, hydraulic wrenches and pneumatic multipliers are available to suit your job requirements.

Engineered Designs for a Particular Application

Xcalibration can produce one off designs to suit any specific application. Call Xcalibration today: 07 3048 1551

Precision Calibration Services

Torque tool precision calibration services may be needed by businesses, individual workers, and individuals that use torque wrenches around the home or for mechanical hobbies.

Whether the torque instruments are used for automotive maintenance, home repairs, construction, or any other assignment, the need for precision cannot be ignored. After all, bolts and screws must be fastened with the right amount of pressure to ensure optimal performance and longevity. In many cases, such as working with vehicles, accuracy can potentially save lives.

We provide efficient torque instrument calibration to promote safety and efficiency. There are many situations in which you may require tool calibration services in Brisbane. Some of the most common examples include;

  • After purchasing a new set of torque tools, particularly used items.
  • As a part of annual servicing for contractors and commercial users.
  • Following a long gap since you last used the torque tools.
  • When you have noticed that fastenings are becoming lose.
  • You have any other reason to question the performance of the tools.

If you believe that your tools could benefit from torque calibration, trust your gut instincts. It's better to be safe than sorry!

Our Calibration Services

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Torque Wrench Calibration

Torque wrenches must be calibrated regularly to ensure that they continue to work effectively.

Pneumatic Torque Wrench Calibration

A pneumatic torque wrench is used when the tightness of screws and bolts is critical.

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Calibration

Hydraulic wrenches are perhaps the most linear of all torque tools when it comes to calibration results.

Torque Multiplier Calibration

A torque multiplier is used to amplify the input from a torque wrench to provide a higher force (higher torque) when turning bolts, screws, or nuts.

Pressure Gauge Calibration

A fully operational pressure gauge is often your first line of defence against a safety incident. In 2013,  1 in 4 pressure gauges were broken or misused.


Dimension calibration is the process of checking that all measurement tools and dimensional instruments are operating at peak performance.

Onsite Calibration Services

Professional Calibrations At Your Premises

Our professional onsite calibration services can deliver the same benefits of traditional services, restoring wrenches and measurement instruments to their full function. However, this is supported by further rewards, such as;

  • You will not be without your tools for weeks by sending them off to a traditional service.
  • It allows you to avoid the stress of packing or transporting items and removes the threat of damage. 
  • It saves you time and money as a result of avoiding transport, delivery, and waiting times.
  • Once calibrated, items can be tested on the products and projects that they are used on.
  • You'll gain access to our advice on further ways to improve your use of torque instruments.

Looking for Onsite Calibration Service?

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Why Choose Xcalibrations?

Before committing to any torque precision calibration service, it's vital that you partner with a reliable service. Xcalibration is Brisbane's premier service.

For starters, we use an extensive range of calibration equipment. Torque testers, transducers, joint simulators, and digital displays allow us to cover all types of instruments. Other reasons to place trust in us include;

  • All work is completed to ISO 6789:2003 standards.
  • We understand your needs as well as the work itself.
  • Our team are committed to fast, accurate results.
  • Our transparency before, during, and after the service will amaze you.
  • We deliver exceptional pricing for personal and business clients.

Xcalibration's team of experts boasts decades of cumulative experience, and we use it to guarantee winning calibration services time and time again. Your future fastening assignments are in safe hands.

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To book a service or discuss the possibilities for ongoing instrument care, get in touch by phone or email today.

We support a wide range of businesses and are confident that we can deliver the solution that you need. Our services also provide a calibration certificate to ensure that you can satisfy Quality Assurance.