for the whole family

The mattress that can be altered in an instant to suit your sleeping style.

Proudly Manufactured in Australia

The Pure Sleep Bedding Range of mattresses are produced in Australia
by an Australian owned and operated company.

Say goodbye to synthetic

There’s nothing more comfortable than high-quality cotton, so we use it in the production of all our bedding products.

Made with our patented Enviro-Foam

Your comfort is important to us, that’s all our mattresses are made with 100% polyurethane Enviro-Foam.

A density & firmness that’s right for you

Everyone is different, that’s why your mattress needs to be as well! Choose from a wide range of firmness options and get the restful sleep you deserve with bedding that’s just right for you.

Backed by our 10-year guarantee

Peace of mind is the key to a great night’s sleep, and with a 10-year warranty on every Pure-Sleep product, why wouldn’t you rest easy?

The best night’s sleep you’ve ever had

Sleep is important, so important that we’ve made it our business.

At Pure-Sleep, we’re on a mission, and it’s taking the bedding industry by storm. We’ve been manufacturing bedding for over two decades with one clear goal in mind, creating mattresses completely tailored to the needs of our customers. That’s where you come in.

If your current bedding isn’t up to the task of providing you with the rest you deserve, then we’re here to help. Our brief is simple. High-quality, affordable bedding that’s guaranteed to provide restful sleep all year round.

No more. No less. Just a great night’s rest.

Feeling drained? Your bedding could be to blame

It’s scientifically proven that proper sleep is essential to adequate functioning and would you believe it, a huge percentage of people around the world aren’t getting the sleep they need.

It isn’t always social media and the latest binge-worthy tv show that’s to blame, however. One of the leading causes of improper resting habits is, you guessed it, the place where you lay your head.

You may not remember it, but unfit bedding can cause you to wake up dozens of times throughout the night. This disrupts your body clock and prevents you from engaging in deep restful REM sleep (The kind that makes you wake up feeling fantastic).

The solution? Bedding supported by the science of good sleep. That’s why every Pure-Sleep product is backed by decades of research and development, to ensure you wake up ready to seize the day.

We’re doing our part for a greener future

That’s right, every Pure-Sleep product is manufactured according to our strict Environmental Practice guidelines.

That means no solvents, no CFCs, no fillers, no Methylene Chloride and absolutely no Carbon Dioxide is used or produced when we make your bedding.

So, rest easy, because your new Pure-Sleep mattress was made to ensure a better future and a healthier planet.

Want to know more about our exceptional bedding?

There’s so much that makes our bedding amazing and we’d love the opportunity to show you what our products can do to improve your sleep.

Get in contact today or drop by our Brisbane store and we’ll discuss how Pure-Sleep can help you get the rest you deserve.