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Containers must be empty. you don’t have to rinse each container but it will help you store them cleanly before returning them. Caps should be removed from bottles (as they are a different type of plastic to the bottle).

You can receive your refund on the spot in cash. If you have registered with containers for change we can deposit the refund straight in your bank account. Alternatively if you can also donate your refund to a local community group using their scheme ID.

No, you don’t have to sort containers before bringing them to us, although it may save time if you do.
Sorting your containers into the various materials types such as the different plastics, glass, aluminium and cartons, counting them and noting the number of each container type, may save time when you visit us.

Containers deposited at Sandgate BCEX will be sorted by material type and prepared for collection and transportation to a processing centre, where the materials are tightly compacted and prepared for recycling.
Containers are then sold through an online auction platform into domestic and export markets to approved recyclers where the material is recycled into new materials or back into beverage containers.

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