Containers for Change

The Queensland’s new container refund scheme

About the program

Starting in late 2018, Queensland’s new container refund scheme, Containers for Change, people can now return empty eligible drink containers to an approved container refund point and receive a 10c refund.

Members of the public can exchange eligible empty containers for a 10 cent refund at authorised container refund points, or they can donate them to local community groups, charities or not-for-profit organisations, who then receive the 10 cent refund. You can find out for more information and create your own scheme id at

Eligible Containers

Most aluminium, glass, plastic and liquid paperboard beverage containers between 150ml and three litres are eligible for a refund when returned to a container refund point. To be eligible the beverage container must:

  • Have contained a beverage product that is not excluded from the scheme. For example, cordials and plain milk are not included in the scheme so containers that have held these products are not eligible for a refund.
  • Display the refund mark. This is so that the container refund point operator can see if the container is part of the scheme. Most containers will already have a refund mark for SA and NT and these containers are eligible under Containers for Change. Beverage manufacturers have until 1 December 2019 to display the new refund mark on their containers.
  • Be an approved container. Some containers are made out of materials that cannot be recycled. These containers may not be approved (by the Queensland Government) as an eligible container as the scheme requires that when a refund is paid on a container that container must be recycled.

Excluded Containers

There are some beverage containers that are not eligible for a refund. Generally excluded containers are those that are less than 150ml and greater than three litres. Other excluded containers include:

  • Any plain milk containers,
  • Any glass containers which have contained wine or pure spirits,
  • Containers 1L or more which have contained flavoured milk, pure fruit or vegetable juice, cask wine or cask water,
  • Concentrated/undiluted cordial or syrup containers,
  • Sachets above 250ml which have contained wine,
  • Registered health tonics.

Excluded containers, such as plain milk bottles and glass wine bottles, can still be recycled through  existing kerbside collection or drop-off services.

Sheme ID

You can now sign up to have your container refund processed directly into your bank account through electronic funds transfer. By clicking the link below you will be taking directly the sign up page where you will be given a Scheme Id. When you visit us just let us know you want it paid into your account, let us know your Scheme ID and we will take care of the rest.