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Healthcare HVAC

Professionally installed heating, cooling and ventilation is essential to the proper working of every hospital and healthcare facility.

We work closely with the health industry to ensure that our HVAC systems meet the strict specifications and requirements placed on healthcare providers to provide the best possible care. Improving the quality of the care your patients receive is our upmost priority, just like it is yours.

Creating a properly controlled temperature system that may run throughout multiple wings within multiple buildings is a complex task that we understand requires expertise and diligence to be correctly installed and maintained.

Rest assured that in the hands of HVAC Connections, your project is being worked on by some of the best that Brisbane has to offer in the field of commercial heating and cooling.

We treat every new project as an opportunity to provide excellent service and a product that genuinely helps improve the quality of life for patients in the facilities we service.

HVAC Infection Control

HVAC Infection Control

We adhere to the strict rules set out in the Australian Health Facility Guidelines when it comes to infectious disease control.

HVAC systems are an integral part of a hospitals infection control strategy and preventing the spread of viral, bacterial and fungal diseases is imperative to the proper functioning of a successful healthcare facility. While medical and nursing staff are responsible for preventing many types of disease spread, we concern ourselves with minimizing and preventing the spread of airborne contagions.

Dust particles containing contaminated material can remain suspended in the air for long periods of time, making it imperative that proper circulation and filtering of air within a hospital is both a regular and thorough occurrence.

Healthcare HVAC

We provide HVAC solutions that are custom fitted to every room of your building.

From the quarantine ward all the way to rehabilitation, we understand the importance of having heating, cooling and ventilation that’s been installed with the specifics of the space in mind.

Contact us today to find out how HVAC Connections can assist with all your heating, cooling and ventilation needs. We believe you’ll notice the difference that our previous experience working with the healthcare system makes to both our service as well as our end product.


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