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There’s nothing more important than creating a comfortable environment for patients, staff and visitors within a healthcare facility.

Temperature control is key to the successful running of any medical facility and it’s important that you have the right people on the job when installing and maintaining your HVAC system.

When you choose HVAC Connections, you’re supported by an extensive background working closely with the health services industry. What this translates as is practical insight into how to best install and maintain an effective temperature control system.

Let us show you the difference that genuine insight into your industry makes when providing heating and cooling services to your facility.

Healthcare HVAC


Proper climate control is crucial to creating a space that employees enjoy working in.

A well-ventilated workplace that keeps a constant temperature can boost productivity and employee morale and make visiting clients and customers feel more comfortable in your building.

We specialise in fitting every type of office building, be it large or small we have a climate control solution that fits your specific needs, contact us today to find out more.


Proper temperature control is essential to the functional running of any apartment complex.

Working with multiple floors can create unique problems when it comes to properly heating and cooling both small and large apartment buildings.

Let HVAC take the guesswork out of planning your ventilation system. From delivery and installation all the way to maintenance, we’ll make sure that your system provides cost effective heating and cooling to every part of your building.

Apartments HVAC


At HVAC Connections we take pride in helping create the perfect atmosphere for every venue.

It’s no secret that restaurants, cafes and bars naturally generate a lot of heat. Constantly running stoves, dishwashers and appliances can raise the temperature of your establishment by a surprising amount.

At HVAC Connections we care as much about creating a comfortable environment to eat, drink and talk as you do, that’s why we’re committed to helping the hospitality industry with our range of ventilation options. Professionally installed and maintained air conditioning can prevent excess heat from being trapped in your establishment but can also raise the temperature indoors when it starts to get cold outside.


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